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Deencoin Business Group

DeenCoin is the largest e-commerce marketplace platform for all types of Halal products. We have a factory that produces Halal products and meets international standards, available worldwide shipping for clients in over 53+ countries. We have built Deencoin payment gateway through our platform.

Deen Shopping Mall

All member have shop product in shopping mall world wide.

Fresh Chicken

We shipping fresh producะ worldwide Certified by Halal Standards

Transport Business

We have a modern delivery system. Through API connection with global transport

MFM Franchise

We have modern franchises. We are accelerating the opening of branches all over the world. through our brand

Targets Muslim customers worldwide.

Important goals of our business It produces and delivers goods to more than 1,500 million Muslim consumer customers worldwide

53+ Country

Islamic country in world

1,500+ Billions

Muslim population around the world

Why use deencoin as a payment

Deencoin we are payment gateway for international halal product .Deencoin
run on binance Smart Chain. (BEP20) guarantees lower transaction costs

Fast transaction
Fast transaction
We have create a stable and fast token for
checking transactions at any time
Low trading fees
Low trading fees
Low transaction fees compared with
other payment methods.
100% Security
100% Security
Team has designed a system that is the most secure. to increase user confidence
Modern Platform
Modern Platform
We have a modern platform that is easy to
use and supports new payment systems.
Blockchain support
Blockchain support
Deencoin token can be used to buy products and services on our platform for all items.
Exchange Support
Exchange Support
We have an exchange support for Dex exchange and Central exchange systems.
IDO Date
July 01 – December 30,2022 (23:59 CET)
Number of tokens for sale
3.000,000,000 DC (30%)
Contract Address
List Dex exchange
Accepted currencies
Tokens exchange rate
1 BNB = 200,000 DC
Minimal transaction amount
0.001 BNB
List Central Exchange
Coming Soon

1 BNB = 200000 DC

Softcap reached in 30 days

Deencoin Team

We are a highly experienced team. in the management of international halal products

Mr. Pongsakorn Intarapong
Mr. Pongsakorn Intarapong
Mr. Sanpang Suesuwan
Mr. Sanpang Suesuwan
Mrs. Niramol Thit-art
Mrs. Niramol Thit-art


Deencoin is an e-commerce platform producing and selling Halal products. We are looking for distributors in
each country around the world. Interested in becoming a partner with us? Press the contact us button.